These are my reasons for not using Facebook or other similar social networks.

Centralized social networks.

The centralized social networks are those that force you to use a server controlled by a company or specific organization. That fact will be forcing all your contacts that would like to contact you to create an account and use the servers of said company.

This creates some problems:

  • It forces all of your possible contacts (friends, family, etc) to use and accept the policies put forth by the business or organization.
  • When you decide to change services, you would lose touch with friends from that network.
  • Its is a way of promoting monopolies in the network of networks.

The majority of the most popular social network like Facebook and Twitter are basically centralized.

Alternative: Decentralized and distributed social network

Decentralized (or federated) social network are those that use a protocol that allows communication between users of different networks. An example would be email, since already, a user account from a company on server “A” can send mail to another user in another organization on server “B”.

These networks, besides being decentralized, often use open protocols and/or free software allowing service installation on your own server, with you having control of your data.

Finally, distributed social network are what allow user to user communication without having to go through a central network, so that there is no one to filter the information that is transmitted on the network.

I have gathered a number of links that highlight the problems with the centralized social networks: